Self described “tech-warlock,” Bud wandered off the Appalachian Trail and into Green Mountain Bikes one, fateful, day. With nothing but his father’s rusty (albeit trusty) Peugeot, an even rustier laptop, and too much “caw-fee,” Bud mumbled out words that vaguely sounded like,

“Hey dude, you gotta go mo-bile. Think about it…Bikes in the æther, man!”

We’re still not sure if he meant that literally, psychically, digitally, or what. Regardless, what real-world knowledge he lacks in bikes and/or bike repair, he more than makes up for with his savvy technomancy. We’re doing our best to teach him everything bikes though. Maybe just don’t give him your bike for repair quite yet, he’ll probably try and upload it into the “cloud” or something.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the website (or uploading your bike to the cloud), you can e-mail our “MYSTERY SCIENCE TECH-BOT 3000.” It’ll alert Bud to your query. Fair warning though, e-mails tend to initiate its self-destruct sequence: tech-warlock@greenmountainbikes.com