Rentals & Services


We ask that you please request all rentals a week in advance but…we do honor spontaneity as best as we can.

We rent mountain, hybrid, and road bikes: $50/per day, $75 for Electric.

Full Suspension: Acoustic $75.00,  Electric $100/per day.

All above subject to bike availability. With the current bike shortage the mountain bike rental fleet is slim.

Rental bikes include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):
– Kona
– Haibike
– Jamis
– IZip
– Some interesting used bike


We have new bikes for sale from Hinderyckx, Kona, Jamis, Orange, IZip, Transition, Santa Cruz…and some others.
We take trade-ins and therefore also have a changing variety of used bikes for sale.
We fix all brands of road, mountain, hybrid, and whatever other kind of bike you may have. Yes, we even can fix a bike from Walmart…

“Basic Tune-up” charge is $60.00 (plus parts); this adjusts all bearings, trues wheels, adjusts gears & brakes, air & oil.
More involved (or less extensive) repairs are charged based on a $60.00/per hour shop c

We often will do repairs while you wait! Please call ahead if this is what you want and/or need.