Rentals & Services


We ask that you please request all rentals a week in advance but…we do honor spontaneity as best as we can.

We rent mountain, hybrid, and road bikes: $35.00/per day.
We also rent Full Suspension and Electric-Assist bikes (“e-bikes”): $75.00/per day.
Want the rental bike delivered right to your inn or place of lodging? Only $50.00 extra.

Rental bikes include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):
– Kona
– Haibike
– Jamis
– Raleigh
– Some interesting used bike
– There is a even a 29er hardtail that Zak Built. I’m riding it now as I type. It’s fun!


We have new bikes for sale from Hinderyckx, Kona, Jamis, Raleigh, Transition, Santa Cruz…and some others.
We take trade-ins and therefore also have a changing variety of used bikes for sale.
We fix all brands of road, mountain, hybrid, and whatever other kind of bike you may have. Yes, we even can fix a bike from Walmart…

“Basic Tune-up” charge is $60.00 (plus parts); this adjusts all bearings, trues wheels, adjusts gears & brakes, air & oil.
More involved (or less extensive) repairs are charged based on a $60.00/per hour shop charge.

Have a flat tire? We’ll fix it with a new tube while you wait, only 10.00 bucks. 

Yes, you read that right. We often will do repairs while you wait! Please call ahead if this is what you want and/or need.