nothing quite as fine as takin the ol hacksaw to a bike!

here are some various pictures and stories about crazy bicycle business. Remember, its not for everyone, some might be stuck on their ideas about cycling, and cringe at the thought of smashing a vintage bike with a brick and welding campy dropouts on a huffy. (huffagnolo?) Not here, if it works, do it, screw resale value and mirrored finish. Ride that shit:names have been changed:



CHVNKATHALON 2004 - portland - one of the best races? that I have ever witnessed or taken part in. on sept 11 2004. More pics from last year are HERE. 03 was in NYC, instead of portland. all craziness all day, ending in a massive fireworks xtravaganza (dangerously I might add)


One crazy dude from vancouver BC rode this bike all the way to portland and back . A cool bike, visibly rickety, but that wouldn't stop the guy. He plans on making it to san francisco next time. Zak, soren and ian all made the trek up to the great white north to meet thepeople of PEDALPLAY. very very cool.

They had a bicycle powered blender, bike powered sound system, sewing machine!, bathtub, so much cool stuff.

However, the canadian version of two wheeled patrying was somewhat lacking in intensity, and the 206 contingent ended shutting down the party and being herded out sometime around 4 , only to aimlessly pedal around the junkie infested streets of vancity BC. More on that later . check out -BJ-

here's a sweet bike I saw on the last ride downtown seattle , steel fabrication 100%, even the handlebars

still not quite as good as some of the other bikes in town.!!! Beautiful nonetheless.